Incorporating Essential Oils Into Yoga Practice [Golden Drop]

Do you love Yoga like I do? I try to attend a class daily in the morning to start my day. I never leave my oils at home as they are a part of my yoga practice now. If you want a tip on bringing oils into your yoga practice check out my video below.

Our Favorite Blend for a Bath Soak [Golden Drop]

Today's Golden Drop was hosted all the way from Germany by Andrea Manus. Her tip and trick today is on Bath Salts. Take a moment for yourself or for your kids and make up some goodness for the bath. Bath Salts 1 cup Epsom Salt 1/4 cup Baking Soda 1/8 cup Coconut Oil 6-7 drops of Essential Oil of your choice Add all to a jar and relax! Wh...

Beat That Stinky Kitchen Smell With This Diffuser Blend [Golden Drop]

Today's Golden Drop was hosted by Renee Roebuck. Do you hate that lingering smell after you cook a dinner? Well check out what Renee does to get rid of that smell. How do you destink your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex for a Bike Ride Remedy [Golden Drop]

Today's Golden Drop was hosted by Andrea Manus all the way from Germany. She discussed after a long bike ride with the kids and with lots of hills her muscles got a workout. She grabs Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex so the soreness is minimal in the morning. What do you use Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex for? Let us know in the comments below! ...

Sharon McDonald's Daily Essential Oil Routine [Golden Drop]

When we notice our bodies changing we change up our daily routine with oils. Watch this video on what I do for what my body needs. What is your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below! Join us weekly on the Golden Drop call, register to receive a weekly reminder.

Meet May Chang - Litsea - and Manuka Essential Oil 

Never offered in the United States before, introducing May Change (Litsea) and Manuka! Litsea Essential Oil Litsea is an evergreen tree that is native to the Southern region of China, as well as the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Taiwan, while some varieties of the plant have also been found as far as Australia and South Africa. Th...

Fresh Flowers Hack - Minute Monday

It's Minute Monay time and we are talking DDR Prime today. Did you know you can use DDR Prime to keep your flowers last longer? Check out this tip and hope you learn a new tip. ​ Let us know how you use DDR Prime in your household.

Need A Little Calm In Your Life? - Minute Monday

Today's tip is with Roman Chamomile - do you need more calm in your life? How do you use Roman Chamomile in your household?

This is NOT A Baby Oil, Sun Tan Gig Folks ...

Photosensitivity to weeds, perfumes, plants around the yard, forest, garden, meadow and essential oils?!? Who knew? Yes...This is definitely a thing. Getting sunburns in the summer time feels almost unavoidable, but getting severe sunburns (ones that seem to pop-up out of nowhere and go from sensitive to unbearable and blistering) are avoidable. With...

What's The Difference Between Cassia & Cinnamon-Golden Drop

Are cassia and cinnamon the same thing by a different name or are they like sweet potatoes and yams - commonly mixed up and related by still different things. Today's Golden Drop call digs into cassia and cinnamon and how they are used in doTERRA products and how you can use them in your home! How do you use cassia and cinnamon in your home? Let ...