What's The Difference Between Cassia & Cinnamon-Golden Drop

Are cassia and cinnamon the same thing by a different name or are they like sweet potatoes and yams - commonly mixed up and related by still different things.

Today's Golden Drop call digs into cassia and cinnamon and how they are used in doTERRA products and how you can use them in your home!

How do you use cassia and cinnamon in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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Count me in!

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Pat Thomas

Jul 10, 2018 07:47 AM EDT

The tips you give are AMAZING and work!! I love the ON GUARD PRODUCTS. I clean with them.. clean my carpets in small area to freshen and sanitize. The toothpaste keeps my mouth fresh. The on guard spray for bug bits to first aid is AWESOME. Terrashield in the early evening to keep mosquitos AWAY FROM ME!!!! Yes I love that! Thank you for pain free nights with DEEP BLUE RUB and Copiaba on painful knees and my husband’s shoulder! Knocks out pain... we are loving that!!! Thank you thank you!

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