Meet May Chang - Litsea - and Manuka Essential Oil 

Never offered in the United States before, introducing May Change (Litsea) and Manuka!

Litsea Essential Oil

Litsea is an evergreen tree that is native to the Southern region of China, as well as the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Taiwan, while some varieties of the plant have also been found as far as Australia and South Africa. The tree is very popular in these areas and has been utilized for a variety of health concerns for hundreds of years, having been a Chinese herb for all that time.

Litsea Cubeba produces a small, pepper-like fruit which is also the source of its essential oil, along with the leaves, roots and flowers.

Litsea essential oil can also be added to normal hair or skin care products to enhance their cleaning properties, as well as add or enhance the antifungal and antibacterial qualities of the product.

How To Blend Litsea

Essential oils with aromatic qualities that blend well with Litsea are frankincense, lemon, wild orange, tangerine, bergamot,  sandalwood, and cedarwood.

Please be aware if you are using this topically, you understand this essential oil will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. This means it has UV activators that increase The UV rays to expose skin. Please put this essential oil, as with all other citrus oils, where the sun doesn’t shine. Take a look at this article here for more information.

Manuka Touch Essential Oil

Compared to many other aromatherapy oils, manuka oil is relatively new. The tree originates out of New Zealand, where natives have known about its healing properties for a long time. Though in this video I talk about the healing properties of Manuka honey, the two are not related in anyway. However, the properties of this essential oil have been found to be one of the highest of the “tea tree” families.    

Manuka comes from the same family of plants, Myrtaceae (myrtle tree) , as melaleuca (tea tree), eucalyptus, and kanuka. The essential oil is derived from the leaves, twigs, and branches which are picked and then distilled using steam.

Largely known for assisting the skin, this can be used in the same way that melaleuca is.  Great to support the scalp with dandruff, bug bites, and may offer some great emotional benefits for you as well. Manuka Touch from dōTERRA is perfect as a perfume, too.

What Does It Blend With?

Layer Manuka with peppermint and bergamot or lavender essential oils for refreshing motivation.  Just a kind reminder, if you’re using it with the citrus oil like bergamot, tangerine or lemon, you must put this where the sun doesn’t shine. 
If you’re interested in working with me, you can receive these essential oils for free today. This is a promotion only available through the month of August and it’s super simple to start. There are no obligations, just reach out to me here to let me know you’re interested in getting started and I’ll connect with you right away!


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