Tips & Tricks to Overcome Postpartum- Golden Drop

Are 'you' or someone you know suffering from Postpartum?   

Are your hormone levels completely out of whack; leaving you with big-time mood swing…like you just want to snap and all hell breaks loose? Are you feeling anxiety, OCD, extreme sadness, low energy, and even brain fogs; then mama's you are not alone and you are at the right place to learn just how simple it can be to get yourself out of this funk and begin to enjoy your life again, and most importantly ‘bond’ with your new little one (s), those moments are very powerful and precious.   Embrace the joyful energy that babies can bring, there is hope at the end of this 'physical and emotional' roller-coaster of a ride.   Hear how I overcame the baby blues pain and began to see the light of a new day.

Let us welcome you to the Mood Matrix ’s, a complete walkthrough on how to apply these easy to do steps.




Let us know if you have any questions Postpartum or 'tips & tricks' about how you overcame the baby blues. If you have a topic you would love covered in a future Golden Drop call in the comments below! 


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Judi Juliano

Jun 07, 2018 03:51 PM EDT

Hi I signed up last week but by noon yesterday I couldn't find where to catch the call. Sorry.

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