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No matter the journey you begin, you don't want to start without a plan. Before starting, get your questions answered!

What is the difference between a customer and an advocate?

Customers simply use and love the sustainable lifestyle offered by doTERRA's pristine product line. No strings attached. Same 25% purchasing discount power as an Advocate, with the same loyalty plans and FREE shipping rate rebates.

Advocates also love the products, yet they choose to mentor people on their journey and share the lifestyle benefits of sustainable living with their clients. For sharing with others, Advocates earn an income from doTERRA.

I do not want to do this as a business, can I still have a membership?

100%, yes! That is the beauty of doTERRA. Did you know that our customer base is 83% and the retention rate of those who order every 3-months is 68% company wide? In fact, our personal organization has an average retention rate of 69-72% each month.

Is this a pyramid scheme?


The definition of a pyramid scheme is “a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.” (Wikipedia)

What is really being “sold” in an illegal pyramid scheme is an offer to purchase into the business, not a product or service. The product is secondary to the opportunity if a product even exists. Often times, this is considered a ponzi scheme, too. Here is the package, they collect money and no product or service is rendered.

There are two hallmarks of a pyramid scheme: they are expensive to get in and hard to get out. Usually, there is a very large upfront fee to join and the product is sometimes sold but the money is earned by enticing people into the business.

There are lots of essential oil companies and groups...why yours?

On doTERRA: doTERRA offers Pristine quality essential oils based in the science of chemistry and responsibly partners with artisans from over 40-countries who champion the best seeds, soil and growing environments around the globe. With these exclusive partnerships, doTERRA gives back to the artisans directly, letting go of essential oil brokers and middlemen, which directly gives back to the those who have been working their industry and craft for generations. Additionally, with fair trade agreements like this, it keeps money flowing through the communities in which they are based with fair pricing and on time payments. When you match that with unbeatable products-- you have a match made in heaven.

On Essential Oil Groups: As far as groups to join, I hear you--- it seems like a wash on who you should work with, but this is where I specialize. We are a global organization and can offer training, support and anything you may require all across the globe. We work with over 26,000 people and understand your lifestyle needs as a consumer. For those who are looking for business strategy, we understand the complexities of that, too.

I am currently working with another doTERRA team, can I switch to yours?

No, doTERRA culture is based on high integrity and in order to preserve that, I have chosen not to participate in cross-recruiting or coaching people in how to leave their existing teams. I invite you to look up to your support team within your structure and keep working until you find someone to help you. If you cannot find this information, please call doTERRA directly at 1-800-411-8151 and they will assist you in connecting you with the proper people.

What if I want to start an online presence as a blogger or social media presence to share oils?

While this seems like the best options to share oils, it’s actually extremely difficult. If you have an existing blog or social media presence that has a strong following, only then would this be a good option for you.

Please keep in mind this is a face to face business and you must communicate, nurture and develop people regardless where they are in your organization.

How many hours per week should I expect to commit to this?

That is totally up to you. But, it is easier to get this going FAST rather than to build slowly. There is more momentum and excitement when you lay it all out and execute it with a plan in place right out of the gate. I have people on my team sharing part-time at 5-15 hours per week and I have others growing more quickly by committing 20-40 hours per week. To really figure out the best plan for you, shoot me an email!

How do I share oils?

One drop at a time! Most people have the best success with small, informal gatherings at a community center, church, home, restaurant or library. You can also host live Facebook classes or use Zoom to meet with people who have small babies and long distances to travel.

We have built all over the world using Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. We have materials and scripts to help you get started with these ventures. Keep in mind people need to experience essential oils first hand. It is important for you to find your voice in connecting with others to help them on their journey to sustainable living and offer the business opportunity in a simple manner that is clear.

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