The Essential Oil Experts

With this company versus that company, getting oils at your grocery store looks better all the time, right? We've been using essential oils for 20-years. Starting with our local health-food store, our doctors in Europe, and then essential oil companies in our area until 7-years ago when we were introduced to the most impactful essential oil company in the world.

Trusted Partner

We chose to partner with doTERRA due to their truly outstanding commitment to delivering the finest quality essential oils available on the market. They ensure consistency and quality through rigorous testing of every batch. 

When you use products from this company, you can be assured that you are getting the best.


In its founding, doTERRA’s management laid out a protection of ideals and actions of the company from the will or whims of any one individual. They promise to provide the best to consumers and never compromise this mission.

Principles of hard work, respect, and kindness are held up as the corporate ideals, along with an undeviating commitment to quality.

Which Essential Oils Are Right For You?

Our quick, 10, question survey will help you discover the essential oils that will benefit your life.


doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation channels resources directly into programs that make a positive social impact such as Days for Girls, Operation Underground Railroad, and many others. 

In countries where they source essential oils, doTERRA partners with groups like Choice Humanitarian to build local infrastructure that meets the needs of the local people. Every time you purchase a bottle from doTERRA you are lifting a community.  

Work with a company you can believe in. Join Us!