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Essential oils are the most potent part of a plant; they are the plant’s 'life source.' The essence, or 'essential,' part of any plant is composed of the complex chemistry of compounds found within it. They can be found in the roots, stems, petals, and tree barks.
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Is there really a difference between essential oil brands? YES!

I've been using essential oils for 20-years. Starting with my local health-food store and then essential oil companies in my area until I was introduced to the most impactful essential oil company in the world - doTERRA!

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The finest quality essential oils can truly provide 1,000 solutions in your pocket. From aches to zits,
essential oils are the answer to your health and wellness needs.

 Stuffy nose? Use a drop of Breathe or eucalyptus under your nose.
 Rough day? Use Cheer + Motivate on the back of your neck
 Cramps? Roll on some Clary Calm.

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When you buy oils with us, you'll not only get the highest quality essential oils but guidance and help for the best way to use them.  

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