Improve Your Motivation + Drive With This Simple Trick

Do you feel imposter syndrome? How about comparing yourself to others? Or lose inspiration in things you usually love? You are missing your passion, my friend! It happens to me, comparison sneaks in, next comes judgment, and it ends up shutting me down, sucking the life out of me and replacing it with shame. It's a vicious cycle and often I'm falling into it...

Help Stop Seasonal Threats in Their Tracks

The search to address common, everyday seasonal ailments is an issue for all cultures.  For this reason you can walk through your favorite store and see products lining the shelves for over the counter, Ayurvedic and other aids in supporting households everywhere.  I discovered one of my favorites while driving across the country a few years ago.   We regula...

Take On A New Season With Arborvitae Essential Oil

I love to watch the changing of the seasons here in Vermont, but sometimes the change going on in nature, partnered with the chaos that can build at home leaves me in kind of a funk. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's in these times of the year I find my patience is short, my goals seem impossible to reach, and I feel like I'm drowning in to-do lists. ...

Diffusing Essential Oils 101

 You've likely heard about diffusing essential oils, you may have even seen recipes on your Instagram feed or perhaps seen diffusers in the marketplace or at your local Target. Did you know that diffusing essential oils is often the first way someone uses essential oils? It's true. It's the first place they clean up because it seems simple enough to add oil...

Find The Good In Each Day With This Trick

Bring light and calm into your life with roman chamomile essential oil. In a world of self-critical "everything," there is a need for creating something different; something conscious... We look to nourish ourselves with healthy foods, but our thoughts must be a part of that equation as well. Mastering our minds lights the path to goodness in our lives. Thin...

Renew Life With Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon purifies things seen and unseen, inside and outside, in all places, and sometimes you travel halfway around the world to be reminded of that. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Morocco this past year. I felt renewed and nourished. I got great sleep and an incredible vibe from 12 amazing women. All in all, I had the opportunity to clear my mind and ...

Cedarwood Essential Oil for Calming Skin and Anxiety [Golden Drop]

Today's feature oil is Cedarwood.  Have you tried this beautiful calming oil?  Check out the tips I have for you.   Drop in the comments how your family uses this in your household.  

Are Cassia and Cinnamon Bark Really That Different? [Golden Drop]

Today we highlighted Cassia and Cinnamon Bark with Kiley Johnson.  Check out the breakdown and benefits of both oils.  We even had some extra tips from the guests that were on how they use these flavorful oils.  

From Emotions to Tea, Digging Into Cardamom Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Is this oil sitting in your oil box and you don't know what to do with it?  Well here are some great tips to open that bottle.    Also, we got a bonus tip from Andrea on how she makes Chai Tea Latte.  Teapot - 4 cups of water 3 Bags of Chai Tea Bags  2 drops Ginger / 1 drop Cinnamon / 1 drop Cardamom / 1 drop Black Pepper  Put oil on tea bags before you put ...

Beyond The Basics of Breathe Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Today we continue our A-Z series with our host, Jason McDonald, and he talks to us about how to use Breathe.  This is such a beautiful blend for those seasonal threats.  Check out the video on how and where to apply this oil.  Tell us how does your family use these Breathe products in the comments below!

Inspired Action With Blue Tansy Essential Oils [Golden Drop]

Did you know that the blue color in chamomile essential oil’s comes from the steam distillation process? Do you know how the eternal fountain of youth has been thought to be in water? That could be true, but, those of us who use essential oil‘s know that many essential oils have been used for beauty throughout the centuries. Blue Tansy being one of them. Tha...

Beating Muscle Tension with Basil [Golden Drop]

We are on our A-Z education and today we spoke about Basil and all the tips and benefits this powerful oil does for our body.   From the Enlighten Healing Emotions book: Negative Emotions: Anxious, overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, negative habits Positive Properties: Energized, renewed, rejunvenated, rested, strengthened Great with: Wild Orange, Peppermint...

Finding Calm In The Chaos of Life

In October I had the opportunity to visit Marrakesh and upon leaving I took a deep breath in. The smells of jasmine, rose, and spice filled my mind with gratitude for the stillness that I’d been able to experience while there on retreat. The whole trip gave me moments of peace, a time to reset and prepare for the next chapter and connected me more deeply wit...

Get Grounded With Balance Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed Balance - doTERRA's Grounding Blend.  This is a great emotional oil to ground yourself to the earth.  This is a great oil to diffuse alone or with others.  You can also apply it topically - great to apply to either the back of the neck or bottom of your feet.   Comment below on how do you use Balance?

Soothing Sore Muscles with AromaTouch [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed what to do with those sore muscles.  AromaTouch was our focus oil but threw in some others to help out that tired sore body.  Check out this video with the tips and tricks.   ​What oils do you use with those sore muscles?  

Don't Have Frankincense? Try This Essential Oil Instead [Golden Drop]

Are you curious on the benefits of Pink Pepper?  Well check out my video and see the tips and tricks with this beautiful oil. Tell us how you use Pink Pepper!

Using doTERRA's New Kid Kit [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed the Kids Kit.  These rollers are the perfect fit for kids and oils.  Guess what?  Adults can use them too.  Check out this video on all the goodies in this kit.  

Thyroid Support with Essential Oils [Golden Drop]

Did you know that Cilatro is considered one of the world’s most powerful “superherbs”.  The herb is naturally full of vitamins rich to the blood and extracts (theessential oil) can act as a natural preservative to prepackaged foods, as seen in an amazing research paper from the University of California, Berkeley.  The Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry p...

Using Turmeric Essential Oil Inside And Out! [Golden Drop]

Turmeric oil is new to the doTERRA line of oils.  Here are a few tips I do with this oil.  You can cook with it, take it internally and apply topically. 

Managing Pain With Green Mandarin [Golden Drop]

Today's GD we talk about my favorite oil Green Mandarin - listen to my tips and here is a diffuser recipe I just made up.   5 drops Petitgrain   3 drops Grapefruit  3 drops Green Mandarin.   Enjoy!