Sunset Moments In Beautiful Vermont


What is it about nature, sunsets & sunrises, that captivate the deepest part of our inner being.  Have you ever found yourself standing alone with the beauty of nature surrounding you, and you begin to feel an immense, surge of energy flow through you?That my dear friend is your ‘inner being’ connecting with you.


Let’s talk about that for just a minute…our inner being relates to our authentic self, it has also been referred to as our “higher self” which operates at a higher frequency of consciousness. Hence the name “Higher Self”. Those frequencies can be made accessible if you are open to obtaining them in a pure and truthful manner. 

Connecting with 'contentment' and your 'inner self' can help you to go after the life you want. I have a secret tip that can help too. 
Rose Touch.  This essential oil is from dōTERRA and has been put into a 10ml roller bottle for ease grace retailing for $100.00 and Wholesale: $75.00.  This is much better, as you cannot purchase Rose and dōTERRA has given it away in the month of February, so keep your eyes and heart open so you can FOCUS on those important things in your life.  

Take your future into your own hands, and let those signs that show up in your path guide you to what you feel is right, your heart knows where it is going. Are you ready to follow your passions, and contribute to the world in the way that can; not only help you grow but to help others grow along the way? 

In the long run, the Earth we 'all' call home will benefit from this as well. The more connected and focused we are, the more perseverance to build the life you want will come. It simply takes time, effort, and life’s lessons along the way. 

The sky above, the earth below, and peace within, this is my contentment. Here is to a new week and a new you; my high vibe friends, let's make it a good one.

An essential oil to go with this thought of peace, patience and calm contentment would be 

patience, working with Divine Timing, ego balance, humility, frustration, need to be validated, need to be exceptional.

•calm vibe •guided •timing

inhale and/or diffuse.
topically: brow, over shoulders.

Safety: avoid during pregnancy, do not use if epilepsy, or if allergic to methyl salicylate.

If you have a contentment story or any questions about Wintergreen, please feel free to share, I would love to hear from you.


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