Happiness In A Bottle

Pure confession…. I have found my best friend in a bottle of essential oil. Her name? Neroli. Gorgeous right?!? Seriously, I cannot get enough of this essential oil! Of course, Neroli comes in a handy-dandy roll on Touch bottle from doTERRA.  

This big girl can be applied when you have high stress, which who doesn't experience at least a little bit of this?  Additionally, for those feeling down (and it's perfect for pregnant mamas) or anxious, when you're meeting new people or trying something for the first time.  If we are stretching and pushing ourselves to be our best selves-- that should happen daily. Right?  

This bottle goes with me everywhere, I never leave home without it now, and use it multiple times a day. Especially for my boys if they are out of control, or needing an attitude adjustment! I actually have it call I host each week called, “The Golden Drop”.  I highlighted it last week, but you can watch it now!


Neroli is ideal on your neck, throat, roll-on your palm, rub your hands together and inhale. My absolute favorite place to apply this essential oil is over my heart and on my throat to balance my chakras.  So divine! please to apply this essential oil is over my heart and on my throat chakra! Share your experiences with Neroli, regardless of which company you use, I'd love to hear what your experiences are. 


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