Fatigue & Mental Clarity-Golden Drop Club

Come and view our weekly Golden Drop video, to find out what’s new, and coming to the doTERRA family of oils. Today, we took a look at Fatigue and Mental Clarity, and if you are someone longing for Spring to arrive, find out what we have in store for you with recipes that are full of goodness. I personally notice, that when you can diffuse with essential oils into your space you can drop your fatigue levels and gain back those uplifting energies.

Early morning earthy blend

3 drops 
3 drops Siberian 
or White Fir (keep in mind 'White Fir' is being phased out.)
2 drop 
1 drop 
1 drop 

(As soon as we have Siberian Oil in the store we can notify you, by leaving your name and email address. 


Early Morning Spring Blend

3 Drops Cypress
3 Drops 
1-2 Drops of 

Earthy Blend 

(drops are an example as you add what you like) 

2 Drops Geranium
6 Drops 
2 Drops Cypress

Mood Lift

5 Drops Grapefruit
3 Drops 
2 Drops Peppermint
1 Drop Cypress
You can add Tangerine if you want

What do you use to help with Fatigue and Mental Clarity? Share with us in the comments below!


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Count me in!

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