Essential Oil Deals of the Month- March

I'm coming from the great outdoors of Vermont, with the wind in my hair and a spring in my step - thanks to this month’s oil (grapefruit essential oil) and product deals. Let’s jump right into it and find out what was my saving grace for tummy troubles, circulation within the body, fluid retention, emotionally uplifting energy, and so much more.

Grapefruit Essential Oil - FREE Product of the Month

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying the product.

Fun Fact:
The name “grapefruit” is attributed to the fruit growing in clusters that resemble those of grapes. This ruby red fruit of an evergreen citrus tree packs a mighty punch - full of goodness and is sustainable. 

Grapefruit Essential Oil Product Description

Grapefruit the fruit is tangy and sour--- bitter to some depending on the variety. With the essential oil, we are pulling from the rind, so it is very bitter. Because we use the rind, we do not need to worry about it interfering with medications like the “meat” of the fruit does. So go on--- wear it, smell it and love it. With its fruity smell, and it's uplifting benefits, this is a delightful addition to your essential oil toolbox.

What chemical within the plant makes it so desirable? 

Well, limonene is the mood benefactor and as mentioned above, it stimulates the liver to do an important job of creating glutathione plus it helps the body regulate its glucose production. Now, that's a big bonus for those looking to increase their metabolism or stay on top of craving

A secret weapon for grapefruit? Are you ready? Body image…. such a sweet essential oil to help those who suffer from body dysmorphia or simply have bad mojo around their body image. This essential oil can support the mind with that distorted thinking and helps the soul reconnect with the body. A bit of self-love never hurt anyone now did it!

Oils that Blend Well with Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit blends well with a variety of different essential oils for additional body and mind benefits. For an ideal blend, combine Grapefruit with Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Bergamot essential oils for diffusion.     

Cypress Essential Oil - 10% off deal of the Month

The oil of circulation. If you are looking to “move” anything in the body, most people would look to peppermint or maybe copaiba. Those being good, there is one greater because it was designed to strengthen healing by allowing the body to “move” fluids, create energy and increase vitality. Funny enough--- this tree is tall, slender and strong. Used for ships and building materials, this woodsy tree is hearty.


1. Muscle Aches, Pains, and Spasms.

If you work out frequently or have a health condition that causes muscle cramps and aches (like restless leg syndrome), 
cypress essential oil should definitely be in your home. Cypress essential oil naturally promotes healthy muscular function, which can help eliminate muscle pain, allow you to sleep better and improve your circulation. These components help the body to eliminate lactic acid–the cause of cramps–more quickly. Even bedwetting can be quelled by cypress essential oil. Simply rub a few drops mixed in a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil (FCO) on the abdomen before sleep to avoid accidents due to spasms in the urinary system.

FUN FACT: Got hiccups? Apply a few drops of cypress essential oil to the collarbones can sometimes stop this spasming of the diaphragm muscle that sits beneath the lungs. Give it a try next time.

2. Natural Cleanser

I use this essential oil when I have bags under my eyes. If you use cypress essential oil in your moisturizing or toning routine, your skin can appear tighter, it lifts the skin, giving it that plump “botox” look. It can even make your hair follicles more secure when applied to the scalp, preventing hair loss. 

3. Excess Bleeding

Got menstrual cramps or excess bleeding? Cypress essential oil has a long history of being used to help blood clot so cuts and other bleeding places can mend. Simply apply hip to hip with a mix of frankincense, copaiba and a bit of that fabulous blend from doTERRA called Clary Calm.
The acupressure point for stopping nosebleeds can be found on the forearm. Apply a few drops of cypress essential oil on the forearm and watch that nose calm down. Did you know that cypress essential oil also promotes healthy blood flow? Indeed.

4. Enlarged or Damaged Veins

With its circulation-boosting abilities, cypress essential oil is impeccable for reducing the appearance of large or damaged veins and reducing the pain caused by their puffiness or irritation. Cypress essential oil also reduces fluid retention, which can improve the flow of blood in the lower limbs and prevent the backup of blood flow that contributes to puffiness. Great for pregnant mamas, those with tired legs and feet anyone gets from being on their feet all day long. Improving circulation and ridding the body of excess fluid has the added benefits of cleansing the body of toxins faster and at the same time boosting the health of filter organs like the liver-- especially when used with a fabulous partner like Juniper Berry.

5. Boosts To The Respiratory System

Cypress essential oil is a natural expectorant (expels fluid from the lungs such as phlegm) and can help rid the respiratory system of excess phlegm. Long-term respiratory conditions, like difficulty breathing, can also be aided by cypress essential oil, making doTERRA’s Respiratory blend “Breathe” an excellent essential oil to have on hand during the winter months. While cypress essential oil should never replace a rescue inhaler for respiratory distress, its regular use can help prevent frequent bronchial muscle constrictions.

6. Support for Anxious Feelings

If you are bothered by anxious feelings, lack connection with the world or loved ones or tend to worry-- Cypress essential oil could make a fabulous addition to your daily routine. Both topical and aromatherapy applications of cypress essential oil can calm your mind, help you get through difficult times, and reduce occasional sleeplessness related to anxious feelings.

7. Natural Deodorant

Because Cypress has a refreshing, outdoorsy aroma, it makes for a great homemade underarm deodorant or room deodorizer. Cypress mixes well with many other essential oils (see below). It is a perfect base for everyone. Bonus-- If you want to bring the feeling of nature into your home--- bring Cypress indoors to help eliminate stale odors. You can add cypress essential oil to your cleaning supplies. With a hint of Siberian fir or doTERRA’s blend Purify, you will have neighbors asking for some too! 

Essential Oils that blend well with Cypress:


Recipes for Cypress:

RX Relief Foot Rub

This foot rub can be used for tired, puffy feet and to relieve seasonal discomfort when the trees are having sex in the spring and summer months. Too much pollen in the air is only good for the bees. There is an immune-boosting foot rub here if you are interested.


12 oz of unscented, organic Spa Lotion or body butter (doTERRA Spa Lotion is a great option)
One glass container or baby food jar
20 drops
Cypress Essential Oil
20 drops
Lavender Essential Oil
20 drops
Peppermint Essential Oil
10 drops
Wintergreen Essential Oil
10 drops   Copaiba Essential Oil

Pour 6 of your 12 oz. of unscented lotion or body butter in a glass container
Mix all five of the above essential oils in a small glass jar or bottle one at a time.
Add in the last 6 oz. of the lotion or body butter
Mix all together.
Close the container with an airtight lid
Rub on the bottoms of the feet nightly before bed, or inhale as needed for relief.

An alternative to this is:

12 oz of unscented, organic Spa Lotion or body butter (doTERRA Spa Lotion is a great option)
20 drops of Cypress
15 drops Lavender
15-20 drops Grapefruit
10 drops
5 drops Copaiba
¼ cup carrier oil of your choice (fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.)
Vein Zapper Roller Bottle


1 5 ml. Roller Bottle
10 drops Cypress Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Helichrysum
3 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
3 drops Copaiba Essential Oil
Carrier oil of choice (we use Fractionated Coconut Oil)


Mix all the ingredients above in a 5ml. dark glass roller bottle.
Apply to the legs twice daily, massaging the oil mixture in well, moving in the direction of the heart to improve blood flow and reduce the appearance and discomfort of enlarged or damaged veins.

Tip: multiply the recipe above as desired to make enough for daily use. Store away from heat and sunlight. If creating a 10ml. roller bottle remedy, simply double the amount of essential oil in the above recipe.

Cassia Essential Oil - 10% off deal of the Month


Spring is just around the corner, but the cold winter is still hanging around. So, I thought I would share a bit of 'Cassia', a warm and uplifting aroma, with a spicy, soothing scent. 

This beauty also holds unique benefits not only for the body but the mind as well.

“Today, I connect with my heart, where my wisdom dwells.
Today, I receive this wisdom and use it for my greatest good and the good of all.”

Oil Diets 


Aromatically: Diffuse one drop
Cassia and one drop Wild Orange for an uplifting aroma, you could also use it as a diffuser using your hands … inhale gently. 

Topically: Combine one  
drop Cassia with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage into muscles for a warming sensation, you can also apply to your heart, hands, and below ears KEEP IN MIND this oil is ‘hot’ so one must dilute before using topically. 

Internally: Take two drops internally for added immune support when seasonal threats are high.*

Add one drop Cassia and
one drop Lemon to water to aid digestion and ease hunger cravings.* 

Safety: avoid during pregnancy, repeated use can result in skin irritation.

The last thing I want to share with you are these two amazing deals that will soon be over so, don't miss out.

Aspire is a proprietary essential oil blend that enlivens the senses and inspires the soul. Apply Aspire to pulse points throughout the day to stay focused, energized, and driven. Let the grounding aroma of ONE help balance your mind and spirit.  #aspire #essentialoils #inspire #affirmations

Aspire is a proprietary essential oil blend that enlivens the senses and inspires the soul. Apply Aspire to pulse points throughout the day to stay focused, energized, and driven.          


We all ASPIRE to be and do something.

This blend from dōTERRA is bright!  Filled with Lime and Cardamom to open the mind for clarity,  while Hyssop and Cedarwood provide the grounding aromatic benefits of slowing down.  Blue Nepalese & Chamomile is soothing and together, they help you stay focused, energized, and totally driven.  That is some high vibe'n goodness!   


I wanted to share my affirmation for meditation with you for both oil blends.

You will find ONE below, and here is ASPIRE :      

"I have strong roots to support me.  There is no 'wrong way'.  

Let the grounding aroma of one help balance your mind and spirit.          

The affirmation I set with this essential oil blend when using it for meditation is:      

“In every success, tragedy, or helping hand, we are one.      

doTERRA ONE celebrates many countries that overcome hardships by working together.


What you will find in the unique blend is 
Ylang Ylang            Frankincense, and             Vetiver for their relaxing and soothing effects.             Douglas Fir and             Cardamom with a dash of             Melissa to calm tension and nerves, promoting overall emotional wellbeing.   

Pretty snappy right!   

Get yours today while supplies last.  These gems are so unique.          

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