You're Missing The Gratitude Factor

Looking at life and living full of gratitude allows you to accept those things that you have no control over and appreciate the life you're living. I have been doing an exercise since September when I realized I was ungrateful for the one thing that allowed so much goodness into my life. It has caused me to grow and I can see that gratitude is definitel...

From Emotions to Tea, Digging Into Cardamom Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Is this oil sitting in your oil box and you don't know what to do with it? Well here are some great tips to open that bottle. Also, we got a bonus tip from Andrea on how she makes Chai Tea Latte. Teapot - 4 cups of water 3 Bags of Chai Tea Bags 2 drops Ginger / 1 drop Cinnamon / 1 drop Cardamom / 1 drop Black Pepper Put oil on tea bags before you ...

Minute Monday - Sinus Relief

MINUTE MONDAY!!! Today’s Essential Oil Hack is..... All about sinus support. Tis’ the season. Do Not Miss!!!!

Beyond The Basics of Breathe Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Today we continue our A-Z series with our host, Jason McDonald, and he talks to us about how to use Breathe. This is such a beautiful blend for those seasonal threats. Check out the video on how and where to apply this oil. Tell us how does your family use these Breathe products in the comments below!

Minute Monday - SuperFoods

MINUTE MONDAY...... on tuesday Are You Curious About SuperFoods?!? What are they?!? How can you use them?!? Today’s health hack shows a smart tip....... yes, on a Tuesday because I am HUman and not SuperWŌman

Seven Sexy Essential Oils + Bonus Recipe

Seven sexy oils that can SPICE UP your sex-life! Naturally, people are looking for the inside scoop on what’s “O”mazing! Are you looking for an over the moon “Love Potion”? February is 'Love Month' and what a great time to go 'love wild' with your partner. Intimacy is an amazing way to experience essential oils in a very sensual way and one ...

Inspired Action With Blue Tansy Essential Oils [Golden Drop]

Did you know that the blue color in chamomile essential oil’s comes from the steam distillation process? Do you know how the eternal fountain of youth has been thought to be in water? That could be true, but, those of us who use essential oil‘s know that many essential oils have been used for beauty throughout the centuries. Blue Tansy being one...

Minute Monday - Best Soothing Hack Yet

MINUTE MONDAY!!! You know how it is when you’re not feeling well? You know how it feels when you have a little stuffiness in your sinuses, and your nose is plugged? Best Soothing Hack Yet!!!!

Golden Drop - Black Pepper

A-Z series continues and today is Black Pepper and our host is Andrea Manus all the way from Germany. Her tips consistence of making Quick Sticks and her special blend for tea to warm you up. Check out the tips in the video below. How do you use Black Pepper in your household?

Beating Muscle Tension with Basil [Golden Drop]

We are on our A-Z education and today we spoke about Basil and all the tips and benefits this powerful oil does for our body. From the Enlighten Healing Emotions book: Negative Emotions: Anxious, overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, negative habits Positive Properties: Energized, renewed, rejunvenated, rested, strengthened Great with: Wild Orange, ...

Minute Monday - Puffy Eyes

Are you suffering with puffy eyes? Well this is a Beauty Hacks you won’t want to miss!!!

Finding Calm In The Chaos of Life

In October I had the opportunity to visit Marrakesh and upon leaving I took a deep breath in. The smells of jasmine, rose, and spice filled my mind with gratitude for the stillness that I’d been able to experience while there on retreat. The whole trip gave me moments of peace, a time to reset and prepare for the next chapter and connected me more deeply wi...

Get Grounded With Balance Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed Balance - doTERRA's Grounding Blend. This is a great emotional oil to ground yourself to the earth. This is a great oil to diffuse alone or with others. You can also apply it topically - great to apply to either the back of the neck or bottom of your feet. Comment below on how do you use Balance?

Minute Monday - It's so sweet- Sugar Hack

MINUTE MONDAY!!!!!!!! Sugar hack today..... it’s so sweet!

Diffuse On The Move

Picture yourself away from home, you might be at your kid's soccer game, you might be on a road trip, you might be in the office - you're feeling tired, road rage, or maybe a little under the weather, but what can you do? You have a few essential oils on hand and know how to use them with a diffuser at home, but on the go is a different story. What if there...

Minute Monday - Pet Bathtime

MINUTE MONDAY!!! Pet Bathtime.... check this out on what we use at our house with my granddog Charlie.

Beating The Winter Blues

I love fresh snow ️and I adore winter but a lot of people have the dark of winter settle in and that's where their mood sits too - gloomy! Is that you? If not, then maybe you just feel sucky at the moment? Cannot keep your stuff together (who really can?!?)? Maybe you are just angry or super sad? I have some tips that I offer my clients that may help you p...

Winter Bliss

Winter is upon us here in Vermont - that's for sure! The snow comes steadily, the yard is filled with white and even with all the work involved in cleaning up the snow and keeping up our little farm, I can't help but love the life we have created here. I like to stop and look around and find peace in the frosty home that we've created here in Vermont. I w...

Soothing Sore Muscles with AromaTouch [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed what to do with those sore muscles. AromaTouch was our focus oil but threw in some others to help out that tired sore body. Check out this video with the tips and tricks. ​What oils do you use with those sore muscles?

Don't Have Frankincense? Try This Essential Oil Instead [Golden Drop]

Are you curious on the benefits of Pink Pepper? Well check out my video and see the tips and tricks with this beautiful oil. Tell us how you use Pink Pepper!