Finding Calm In The Chaos of Life

In October I had the opportunity to visit Marrakesh and upon leaving I took a deep breath in. The smells of jasmine, rose, and spice filled my mind with gratitude for the stillness that I’d been able to experience while there on retreat. The whole trip gave me moments of peace, a time to reset and prepare for the next chapter and connected me more deeply wi...

Get Grounded With Balance Essential Oil [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed Balance - doTERRA's Grounding Blend. This is a great emotional oil to ground yourself to the earth. This is a great oil to diffuse alone or with others. You can also apply it topically - great to apply to either the back of the neck or bottom of your feet. Comment below on how do you use Balance?

Minute Monday - It's so sweet- Sugar Hack

MINUTE MONDAY!!!!!!!! Sugar hack today..... it’s so sweet!

Diffuse On The Move

Picture yourself away from home, you might be at your kid's soccer game, you might be on a road trip, you might be in the office - you're feeling tired, road rage, or maybe a little under the weather, but what can you do? You have a few essential oils on hand and know how to use them with a diffuser at home, but on the go is a different story. What if there...

Minute Monday - Pet Bathtime

MINUTE MONDAY!!! Pet Bathtime.... check this out on what we use at our house with my granddog Charlie.

Beating The Winter Blues

I love fresh snow ️and I adore winter but a lot of people have the dark of winter settle in and that's where their mood sits too - gloomy! Is that you? If not, then maybe you just feel sucky at the moment? Cannot keep your stuff together (who really can?!?)? Maybe you are just angry or super sad? I have some tips that I offer my clients that may help you p...

Winter Bliss

Winter is upon us here in Vermont - that's for sure! The snow comes steadily, the yard is filled with white and even with all the work involved in cleaning up the snow and keeping up our little farm, I can't help but love the life we have created here. I like to stop and look around and find peace in the frosty home that we've created here in Vermont. I w...

Soothing Sore Muscles with AromaTouch [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed what to do with those sore muscles. AromaTouch was our focus oil but threw in some others to help out that tired sore body. Check out this video with the tips and tricks. ​What oils do you use with those sore muscles?

Don't Have Frankincense? Try This Essential Oil Instead [Golden Drop]

Are you curious on the benefits of Pink Pepper? Well check out my video and see the tips and tricks with this beautiful oil. Tell us how you use Pink Pepper!

Chaos and Citrus Oils - Minute Monday

Join me for hacks for days JUST LIKE THIS🤭🤩🤨😭😂🥴 #minutemonday #sharonmcdonald #essentialoils

Using doTERRA's New Kid Kit [Golden Drop]

Today we discussed the Kids Kit. These rollers are the perfect fit for kids and oils. Guess what? Adults can use them too. Check out this video on all the goodies in this kit.

Oils on the Go - Minute Monday

OILS ON THE GO: Today... joint and muscle support- GO! #essentialoils #oils2go #oilsonthego

Thyroid Support with Essential Oils [Golden Drop]

Did you know that Cilatro is considered one of the world’s most powerful “superherbs”. The herb is naturally full of vitamins rich to the blood and extracts (theessential oil) can act as a natural preservative to prepackaged foods, as seen in an amazing research paper from the University of California, Berkeley. The Journal of Agricultura...

Bumps & Bruises - Minute Monday 11/12/8

Essential Oil hacks for bumps and bruises!!!!!

Using Turmeric Essential Oil Inside And Out! [Golden Drop]

Turmeric oil is new to the doTERRA line of oils. Here are a few tips I do with this oil. You can cook with it, take it internally and apply topically.

Winter Skin - Minute Monday 11/5/18

Winter skin?!? ✔️ this hack! #minutemonday #essentialoils #oilhack

Halloween Sweet Treats Tip - Minute Monday 10/29/18

MINUTE MONDAY This is one SWEET hack today! ✔️ it out #minutemonday #essentialoils #oilhack #halloween

Stop Headaches In Their Tracks

Headaches can knock you down on days when you have a to-do list running off the page, on those days I pull out my personal ninja blend for head tension! The first step to knock out my headaches is the Serenity essential oils from doTERRA. Serenity is a blend of lavender, Hawaiian sandalwood, cedarwood, ho wood leaf, ylang ylang flower, marjoram leaf, roman...

Managing Pain With Green Mandarin [Golden Drop]

Today's GD we talk about my favorite oil Green Mandarin - listen to my tips and here is a diffuser recipe I just made up. 5 drops Petitgrain 3 drops Grapefruit 3 drops Green Mandarin. Enjoy!

Harvest Time Treat - Minute Monday 10/22/18

Harvest Time!!! Grab your apples for DIY and and an EssentialOilHack2Go🙌🏽 #minutemonday #diy #essentialoils #cinnamonbark #harvesttime