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One of the greatest blessings we receive in life is our family, and it's my family that helped lead me to the power of essential oils.

My name is Sharon McDonald and I was not raised in a holistic home. Being a child of the 70s my family were "meat and potatoes" kind of people. Once I had my own children the stars started to align with natural solutions. I began asking questions of the allopathic (modern medicine) options I had before me and they were not making sense and certainly were not intuitive to me. 

When my daughter was born I used cloth diapers, homeopathy and I bought essential oils from the health food store, but I didn't look into any of the cleaning products, soaps, lotions or candles I had at home. It wasn't until we moved to Europe that I started questioning the modern medical practices I stuck to in the states. I sought out natural solutions and we opted to use garlic oil for ears and to feed our family whole, raw foods.

Once our third child was born I hit a wall. Emotionally drained, suffering postpartum depression--I found our family sick all the time and I needed a solution. We once again moved to Europe, reintroduced essential oils, regularly visited an apothecary in Austria for traditional lavender and eucalyptus and ate organic. We only saw the doctor for immunizations and one scarlet fever bout. We were on a completely new path in life and were about to turn a new corner.

After living abroad for 4-years, I broke my foot and nothing I did was helping to heal it. Then a close friend suggested trying essential oils for support. I was skeptical but had hit a wall with everything else. I quickly introduced helichrysum and birch to aid my broken foot. It worked! It wasn't “spontaneous healing”, it was the support of essential oils that brought oxygen to my bones and allowed my body to repair itself without surgery. I was hooked!

I quickly began building my experiences and uses of essential oils within my own family and knew I needed to share them with anyone I could. 

This is our mission— “To lift people around the world through the power of essential oils and make them universally accessible in simple and useful ways.” I have helped thousands of people from all over the world follow a very simple, proven process, that consistently creates success results.

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