About Oils2Go

Sharon + Jason McDonald are the team behind Oils2Go. 

Sharon's background in nutrition and essential oil use pairs expertly with Jason's analytical, engineering background - building the life they've always dreamed, together!
We've Got On-The-Go Solutions + You Can, Too

Why Do We Want To Share Essential Oils? 

We're working to lift people around the world through the power of essential oils
and make them universally accessible in simple and useful ways.

Simple Solutions

We didn't always use essential oils, we were suspicious at first. But once we tried a few, we ended up using so many more!

Years since, we not only use essential oils daily, we have shared their power with thousands of people all over the world.


Continual Income Formula

Work with a top company, combining life-changing products with a humanitarian mission and receive personal coaching, with support and training to help you succeed!